Costco college essay analysis

To put it simply, the Costco college essay is a personal statement essay written by Brittany Stinson that she submitted as her application prompt in 2016. In this piece of writing, she describes her relationship with the Costco stores and dwells upon the meaningful experience she has gained during all these years. It is one of the most unusual personal statement essays that have ever been submitted which is the reason why this piece of writing as well as the person who wrote it has attracted so much attention.

write my essay!!!Yet, it is the best example to use when you need to illustrate a point of how to stand out from the crowd in regards to admission essay writing. Either choose an unconventional issue or find a different angle to tell a rather common story. As you can see, it is totally doable. However, it takes time to come up with such an interesting idea, not to mention the fact that one needs to be brave enough to believe that telling this story in one’s personal statement essay is going to work. Yet, being risky often helps a person achieve their wildest dreams. If the completion is fierce and the desire to become a student at a chosen educational institution is strong, being a bit adventurous when it comes to choosing an essay prompt is exactly what needs to be done.

Costco college essay

Now, everybody is talking about this Costco college essay while Brittan Stinson has managed to raise the bar very high. What is more, this piece of writing has become a part of a crucial reading list for everyone applying to college or university and trying to come up with an unconventional essay themselves. Future applicants have a lot to learn from Brittany in terms of storytelling, creativity and being bold. Besides, this essay is genuinely fascinating to read, so you should allocate a couple of minutes familiarizing yourself with it even if you do not plan on writing any application essays in the near future. The Costco college essay is a perfect example of how one person manages to find a creative solution to a very common problem (the problem being searching for a perfect answer to an application essay prompt). If you are experiencing writer’s block at the moment, reading this essay can help you get going.